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We are here to assist you in making fast, permanent change in your life and health. We have attempted to
give you all the information you need to use this program successfully. In most cases the information you need is on-line at some web page on our system. We will assist you in finding it if you send us an e-mail or browse this page.

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Technical Problems...

If you are having problems hearing the audio, please follow the REAL AUDIO trouble shooting guide. Our experience with hundreds of customers tell us this... the problem is on YOUR COMPUTER. So, please save yourself the embarrassment of blaming us when you simply might need to get the most current version of REAL AUDIO Player or some other simple self-serve solution.

Go here for the REAL AUDIO trouble shooting guide

Go here for the QUICKTIME and PDF help page.

Scroll down to the bottom portion of this web page.

Affiliate Questions:

Visit the Affiliate Resources page here

Customer Service, Lost Passwords, and Refund Requests.

Because E-online publishing has more than just the one product you might have purchased, please be specific in your e-mail with your question. Include the name of the product, the approximate date your purchased it, your telephone number and e-mail, and the exact URL of the web page you are having difficulty with.

If for any reason you are requesting a refund, a partial credit, or have any other question relating to your credit card statement or money, just send us an email. We process all credits and refunds within 48 hours. Please DO NOT call your credit card company and stop payment. If you do, we get charged twice AND it costs us our credit rating. Although very few people request refunds,it is part of our written guarantee and it is part of doing business. Please send us an e-mail, first. We will handle it.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail with any questions. E-mail is faster as we can research the problem or direct the question to the proper person. It is very unlikely a person answering the phone will be same person that can answer your technical question.

All emails should be sent to (make sure you put the dash "-" after the e.)



If you cannot hear the recordings, download the latest edition of REAL PLAYER.If you receive an error, please download the LATEST edition of Real Player 7.0 or higher. This is a free download. Most user errors have been solved by downloading the most recent edition. If you downloaded a version recently, download it again... they update it as often as monthly.
You must look around the site for the FREE VERSION.
(Real Jukebox or Real Player Free versions are available.)
  The hotlinks located in the table of contents are links to the RAM file. When clicked, this simple RAM file automatically opens up your Real Audio program re-directs your Real Audio Program to go to the Real Audio / .RM file. One way you can test to see where the problem is to type in the exact location of the .rm file into your Real Audio Player. This technique bypasses the RAM file and starts playing immediately if the .rm file is available. The address of the RM file is contained inside the RAM file if you open it using a text application such as Microsoft Word.

Then, if still feel the technical problem is on our end... please email:

We have no telephone support for this product at this time. Please use e-mail.


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